best of weddings 2017

I have to be honest with you... I debated posting this blog post considering we’re already half way through January but 2017 was such a big year for me in terms of growth and wonderful couples that I figured it was filled with too many wonderful memories not share them with you. There are some … Continue reading best of weddings 2017


stephen + megan | the bend country house wedding

Megan and Stephen are one of the most down to earth and understanding couples I've photographed thus far. I first met them at Jade and Ethan's wedding in April, earlier this year, and Jade had called me aside to say that friends of hers were recently engaged and they'd love to meet and chat with me. … Continue reading stephen + megan | the bend country house wedding

josh + hannah | forest engagement shoot

Where do I even begin? Josh lives in Canada and Hannah lives in South Africa and they met at a chiropractic conference. Josh proceeded to Facebook stalk Hannah and they started chatting within a few months. Before long they were planning trips across the world to visit one another.  Despite the long distance relationship their … Continue reading josh + hannah | forest engagement shoot

cohan + licinda | barker manor wedding – kloof

Usually when a client contacts me to photograph their wedding, it’s the Bride who gets in touch with me and does all the corresponding, asks all the questions and makes the final booking, but this was different. Bernelee, Cohan’s sister, contacted me and we corresponded via email. She was the one who asked the questions … Continue reading cohan + licinda | barker manor wedding – kloof

cohan + licinda | midlands engagement shoot

Cohan and Lucinda met back in the days of the awkward teenage years when Mxit was still cool and the way to communicate. They chatted back and fourth and when they met up and realised how well they got along together, they never looked back.  When Cohan proposed to Lucinda he told her to dress … Continue reading cohan + licinda | midlands engagement shoot

calvin + mandy | sweethome wedding venue, eston

It was a beautiful September morning in the Eston valley and the beginnings of spring was in the air. Calvin and Mandy chose to get married at Sweethome Wedding Venue in Eston which was stunningly decorated and a view overlooking the lovely big dam.  The guys and girls got ready at separate venues and as the … Continue reading calvin + mandy | sweethome wedding venue, eston