bruce + amy | farm engagement shoot

Bruce went off to a men’s camp and left Amy at home to bond with his mom and sister. They decided to stay at home on the Saturday to watch Masterchef and paint their nails. When Bruce got home he suggested to Amy that they go for a drive on the farm. Bruce’s brother-in-law thought … Continue reading bruce + amy | farm engagement shoot

lloyd + kendra | midlands engagement shoot

It all started with a picture of some dragonfruit... Kendra was scrolling Instagram one day when Lloyd’s picture of some dragonfruit popped up on her feed, so she commented on it and that’s where their love story began. They chatted back and fourth over direct message for a while on Instagram and eventually Lloyd suggested … Continue reading lloyd + kendra | midlands engagement shoot

jarryd + melanie | autumn engagement shoot

For Jarryd and Melanie’s engagement shoot we settled on a brisk Thursday afternoon, we decided to embrace the chilly autumn weather and pop into one of my favourite spots for coffee to warm up and take a few photos, and then we ventured out and took a few more photographs beneath the richly coloured autumn trees.  … Continue reading jarryd + melanie | autumn engagement shoot

princess + pk | midlands engagement shoot with a traditional zulu twist

PK is a trained Ophthalmologist and Princess is an Occupational Therapist, they met whilst studying a few years ago and that's where their journey began, only she wasn't interested in him at all back then... Fast forward a couple of years and there we were, meeting me for their engagement shoot. When PK arrived, he … Continue reading princess + pk | midlands engagement shoot with a traditional zulu twist

spencer + shelley | midlands engagement shoot

Spens and Shell are just one of the warmest, friendliest, loveliest couples you’ll meet. When I first met them, I knew immediately that I liked these two. We chatted and laughed and I loved how open and willing they were to share with me some touching and memorable moments in their lives. I also loved … Continue reading spencer + shelley | midlands engagement shoot

josh + hannah | forest engagement shoot

Where do I even begin? Josh lives in Canada and Hannah lives in South Africa and they met at a chiropractic conference. Josh proceeded to Facebook stalk Hannah and they started chatting within a few months. Before long they were planning trips across the world to visit one another.  Despite the long distance relationship their … Continue reading josh + hannah | forest engagement shoot

cohan + licinda | midlands engagement shoot

Cohan and Lucinda met back in the days of the awkward teenage years when Mxit was still cool and the way to communicate. They chatted back and fourth and when they met up and realised how well they got along together, they never looked back.  When Cohan proposed to Lucinda he told her to dress … Continue reading cohan + licinda | midlands engagement shoot

calvin + mandy | fordoun, nottingham road engagement shoot

Around the time Calvin and Mandy had been looking at wedding photographers and they were in the final stages of considering me to photograph their wedding, they went to a braai with good friends, Kerry-Ann and Wayne, who also happened to be engaged and who also happened to have just gone through the process of … Continue reading calvin + mandy | fordoun, nottingham road engagement shoot